Tableau Conference Delivers Exciting New Features, Urges Partners and Customers to Embrace “Data Culture”

Tableau Conference 2019 came to an end earlier this month, saying farewell to it’s 18,000+ registered attendees until next year. The week of all-things-Tableau was an incredible experience. Amazing keynotes were given by Tableau President and CEO, Adam Selipsky, and New York Times best-selling author of “Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts,” Susan Cain. Tableau’s “Devs on Stage” offered excellent insights into what’s to come, and the Tableau community’s best and brightest developers showed off their skills at “Iron Viz.” Oh, and Marc Benioff made a “surprise” appearance to talk about the future Tableau has alongside of SalesForce! After four full days of speakers, fireside discussions, and hands-on workshops, I walked away with a handful of new tools and real sense of what Tableau is all about: Data Culture.

The idea of Data Culture was one of the major themes this year at Tableau Conference. Tableau believes that “Becoming truly data-driven requires changing mindsets, attitudes, and habits – embedding data into the identity of the organization. People have to want to use data and encourage others to do the same.” This idea of Data Culture was reinforced time and time again, culminating in the re-introduction of Tableau Blueprint, “a step-by-step guide to building the capabilities you need to create a successful Data Culture in your organization.

Tableau Blueprint guides its users to successful project outcomes.

A powerful resource for anyone or any company starting its journey, Tableau Blueprint neatly outlines a simple yet effective plan, from start to finish, of a project life-cycle.  Using road maps and checklists, it takes all the fundamentals of Agile software development, technical proficiency, and clear communications and support and delivers it in a way so any level of employee in any size organization can be successful.  By providing this step by step path, Tableau has created a fantastic tool to begin or continue your company’s Data Culture.

It’s clear that Tableau believes culture and partnerships are a key building block of successful businesses, and it was on display at Tableau Conference 2019.  We at Alpine Consulting Partners agree.  As practitioners of Agile software development, Tableau Blueprint comes as a great complimentary resource for us, and any company providing business and software solutions. For more information on Alpine’s use of Tableau, Data Culture and Tableau Blueprint, check out the resources below.

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